56th Annual MOROBE SHOW
October 7th and 8th, 2017

Lae, Morobe Province,
Papua New Guinea

to be officially opened on Sunday 8th October by

His Excellency Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae GCL GCMG KStJ

Governor General of Papua New Guinea

General Entry Fee

For tickets purchased at entry gates over the Show weekend:

Saturday 7th October Children K6 Adults K10 per person

Sunday 8th October Children K8 Adults K12 per person

For PRE-PAID tickets purchased from the Secretary’s Office at the Show Ground prior to the Show weekend:

Children K6 Adults K10 per person. These are single entry only tickets which can be used on Saturday or Sunday

(Children are 12 years of age and under. Proof of age may be required to be presented)

For access to the Members Grandstand Area and Members Car Parks you need to be a Gold Pass Holder or a Member. You can find information on the fees for this in the MEMBERSHIP & INFO page of the web site.


Events taking place:

  • Fireworks Friday night 7.00pm from Mt Lunaman and Sunday late afternoon at the Showground
  • Morobe Show Queen Judging Saturday
  • Commercial Exhibits Judging Saturday open all weekend
  • Horse and Livestock Judging Saturday Morning open all weekend
  • Cowboy Action in the Main Arena each day
  • Amphitheatre Action Family Entertainment Slides and Jumping Castles all weekend
  • Horticulture Judging Saturday Morning open all weekend
  • Horse Judging Saturday Morning
  • Sing Sings early Sunday afternoon
  • FMX Motor Bikes Saturday and Sunday three shows per day
  • Grand Parade Sunday late morning
  • Official Opening noon Sunday


Ring Master – Hans Mehl

Public Address Announcer – Mr Michael Beirne

Arena Program


8.00amBest Presented HorseEquestrian Event
8.30amSupreme Led HorseEquestrian Event
10.00amFreestyle MotocrossFMX Demons - Sponsor Harmony Hidden Valley
10.30amShow JumpingEquestrian Event
1.30pmMock BattlePNGDF Joint Services College, Igam Barracks
2.15pmShow Queen Presentation Lae Biscuits
2.30pmFreestyle MotocrossFMX Demons - Sponsor Harmony Hidden Valley
3.00pmVariety GamesTrukai Industries & Others
4.00pmFreestyle MotocrossFMX Demons - Sponsor Harmony Hidden Valley
4.45pmTraditional Archery - Heats


8.00amMounted GamesIndividual & Team Stockman Event
10.00amFreestyle MotocrossFMX Demons - Sponsor Harmony Hidden Valley
10.30amSchools & Community
Marching Display &
Sponsor Raumai 18 Ltd
11.30amOpening of the ShowH.E. Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae, Governor General
12.00amTraditional DancingSponsor Ramu Agri Industries Ltd
1.30pmPresentation of Champion Cowboy and Livestock Exhibit Prizes
2.00pmFreestyle MotocrossFMX Demons - Sponsor Harmony Hidden Valley
2.30pmGuard Dog DisplayGuard Dog Security
3.00pmMock BattlePNGDF Joint Services College, Igam Barracks
3.45pmFreestyle MotorcrossFMX Demons - Sponsor Harmony Hidden Valley
4.30pmTraditional Archery Finals
5.30pmTwilight Fireworks Display - Show FXSponsor Riback Stevedores
See you next yearOctober 27th & 28th, 2018

Presidents Message 

The theme of the 2017 Morobe Show is Government and Agriculture – Collaboration and we would like everyone to stop and think briefly about the message behind the theme.

Papua New Guinea has a rapidly growing population. The Papua New Guinea population is also predominantly comprised of subsistence farmers who, for the large part, grow sufficient for their own needs only.

Papua New Guineans are successful skilled farmers with the crafts that they have having being handed down from generation to generation. The opportunity exists now for the subsistence farmers of Papua New Guinea to increase the production and varieties of the crops that they grow to feed the ever-growing population.

Growing crops is one thing. But making farmers more productive and the crops bigger and better and cheaper to produce is an important goal. The farming methods of generations past are good but advances in technology, crop varieties and farming skills need to be continually improved to enable our farmers to become even more efficient and to be able to grow sufficient food for our ever increasing population.

The skills that Papua New Guinean Farmers have must be utilised to the fullest and their practical knowledge enhanced through extension services passing on knowledge of better agricultural practices, new and improved varieties of produce to grow, information on access to finance for expansion, knowledge of market requirements and prices would certainly help them improve the quality and quantity of Farm produce available for local consumption.

Commodity crops are vital to the Papua New Guinea economy but food crops that supply PNG staples and import replacements are vital for the Papua New Guinea population. University Agriculture courses, Agricultural Colleges and Agricultural Technical Schools as well as an active Department of Agriculture are needed to supply educators that, through Government funded extension services, can help Farmers improve production. Education and Innovation is vital to the growth of Agriculture in Papua New Guinea. That will only happen with collaboration with Government, development of effective Policies, provision of affordable funding and efficient extension services.

Come and enjoy the 2017 Morobe Show. Visit the displays that we will have there and as well as having a good time see what you can learn.

Use the land; use your skills and Farm to Feed. 

Mike Quinn ML FRASC


Have a great Morobe Show!!!!!!!!