COUNCILLOR – Ludwina Philemon

Morobe Show Queen and Morobe Show Pikinini

 Sponsor:  Snax Lae Biscuits

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The Show Queen and Show Pikinini events have long been regarded as significant events at the Morobe Show. The aim is to foster pride in the cultural heritage of Papua New Guinea by displaying the uniqueness of the traditional dress of contestant’s birthplace, region and province. With over 800 distinct cultural groups in Papua New Guinea, the country is regarded as the most diverse and unique in terms of cultural heritage on the planet. All Papua New Guineans should be immensely proud of their heritage and should strive to preserve the knowledge for future generations. It is particularly important that our younger children be passed on the knowledge of their parents and grandparents traditions and histories to ensure that the traditional culture is not lost.

The sponsor of the Morobe Show Queen and Show Pikinini is the Lae Biscuit Company, who have now been sponsoring the event since 2006. This year’s entrants will all receive a generous gift bag with courtesy of Lae Biscuit, plus the winners will take home substantial cash prizes! National Business Development and Marketing Coordinator of Lae Biscuit Company James Tamari says they are thrilled to again sponsor the Show Queen and Show Pikinini events.

“As an iconic Biscuit Manufacturer and Good Corporate Citizen of PNG, Lae Biscuit Co. Ltd realizes the importance of contributing back to the market it operates in, thus the many contributions over the years across PNG. Our involvement highlights the importance the company places on promoting and preserving the country’s rich and wonderful traditional cultures and also acknowledges the tremendous efforts of the Show Committee particularly the Morobe Show Queen and Pikinini organizers.”

The Lae Biscuit Company together with the Show Committee supports the protection of traditional Papua New Guinean culture, with the young women and children being judged on their knowledge and presentation of their traditional dress as well as their grooming and personality. “It is encouraging to see these young women and children in their full traditional dress and witness their knowledge of their cultural heritage” said Show Queen Councillor Helen Taylor.

Judging of this year’s Show Pikinini will take place at the Lae Biscuit Show Queen Stage at 10am Saturday morning, to be followed at 12 noon by the judging of this year’s Show Queen. The winners of the Show Queen competition will be announced in the main arena at 2.15pm on Saturday. The lucky winner of the Morobe Show Queen, plus the first and second runner’s up will also be on display on Sunday in the main arena during the official opening ceremony.

We are very fortunate every year to have a range of young women and children from different provinces enter the events. Come along and support these young women and children as they show an interest in their cultural heritage.

Show Queen Competition
Entry Form

(Copy and print)

The aim of the contest is to promote pride in Papua New Guinea’s cultural heritage and to choose a young woman who represents the spirit of the Morobe Show to be the Show Queen.

Entrants are judged in various areas including personality, grooming and presentation of their traditional costume.  Entry is open to young women from all provinces of Papua New Guinea.


Name:…………………………………..                            Age: …………………


Address: ……………………………….


Province represented by costume:



Terms & Conditions

  • Entry Fee: K25.00
  • Entrants are required to dress in full traditional costume.
  • All Entrants are to assemble at the Show Secretary’s office at 9.00am the Saturday of the Show and are required to be available until 12.00 midday. Place getters will be required to attend the official opening at 11.00am on the Sunday of the Show.
  • Neither the Judges nor the Show Committee will enter into any discussions regarding the results of the contest. Entrants who arrive late for judging may not be eligible for Judging.
  • The Show Committee reserves the right to admit or disqualify any entrant arriving after the advertised time for Judging. The Judge’s decision will be final.
  • Entry is limited to 25 contestants.


Winner                             K500.00

1st runner up      K250.00    2nd runner up    K250.00

 Encouragement Award K100.00

 I, ______________________ have read and understand the Terms and Conditions of entering the Morobe Show Queen Contest and agree to abide by these conditions.

 Signed ____________________

 N.B. If the entrant is below the age of 18 years of age this must be signed by a parent or guardian.



Show Queen1st Runner Up2nd Runner UpEncouragement AwardPikinini Award
2013Adell BatahAsawang TomomiSharon UndabaShirley SoronsonTilem Beningi
Chimbu ProvMadang ProvinceOro ProvMenyamya MPMadang Prov
2014Colina TetangNelly NagoraJoyce SamsonIreen Dowaki
Markham MPMorobe ProvSiassi MPBulolo MP
2015Nandi StevensBenitha BobolaShelly TabePhilomena Seri
Morobe ProvSimbu ProvCentral Prov
2016Colina TetangSusa HenryFrancesca LauraMai DegeAwu Bokifa
2017 Caroline Karl Maxine Renee Artango Gretel Roiro Billy Serah Jamaimah Bokifa
Sepik ProvChimbu ProvOro ProvMorobe ProvFinschhafen MP