The Morobe Show is the last show of its kind left still running in Papua New Guinea. Sure, there are plenty of cultural events held all over the country year round, but no other show incorporates so many different sectors into one big showcase event.

The Morobe Provincial Agricultural Society works tirelessly each year to ensure the survival of this important event to help ensure the long term success of our Morobean farmers from small holder producer’s right up to our corporate giants. Promoting and fostering livelihood resilience and food and nutrition security is central to the future of all Papua New Guinean’s and ensuring that agricultural development keeps up with the need to feed our growing population.

At the Show there will be displays and demonstrations of all the newest technologies used to increase our food production plus information materials on food and cash crops, livestock, commodities and related agricultural issues. Displays have been organised by government agencies, agri-businesses and farmer groups. Many local individual Morobean based farmers have also recognised the Morobe Show as an excellent avenue for awareness, promotion and marketing of their produce and can be seen showcasing their goods throughout the Agriculture section.

In the livestock area, you will be able to get up close and personal to some of the finest cattle specimens in the Province with smallholder producers from all over the Markham Valley exhibiting their beasts at the Show. In addition, the larger cattle operations of Trukai Farms, Ramu Beef and Rumion Limited will also showcase some of their best cattle. Goats, pigs and sheep will also proudly be on display.

The judging of the cattle will take place on Saturday. Don’t miss out on seeing the winning livestock from each of the cattle classes as they are paraded through the main arena to be awarded their prizes.

Interesting Fact: Agriculture is the single largest employer in the world providing a livelihood for 40% of the world’s population.