* PRIZE CERTIFICATES FOR 1st, 2nd and 3rd placing in each section.

SECTION 1 Class 8101 Large Industrial, Maufactureing and Agribusiness
SECTION 2 Class 8201 Government & Semi Government Bodies
SECTION 3 Class 8301 Service Industries- includes wholesaler and retailers
SECTION 4 Class 8401 Churches, Community Services & Social Organisations

Information for Stall Holders

The Morobe Show organising committee extend the invitation to you/your company to take up your previous stand at this year’s Morobe Show. We trust that you will once again favour us with your support by participation as a commercial exhibitor at this years show.

Should you decide not to exhibit at the Show, please advise the Secretary of your decision. The stall will then be reallocated at the discretion of the Show Committee. The stand cannot be sublet or assigned by any other party other than the Show Committee.

If you are not a Stall Holder and would like to be then contact the Secretary as soon as possible and register your interest.

Stallholders are advised to read and be aware of the following:
Stall holders/Exhibitors warrant and indemnify the Morobe Province Agricultural Society and its members against any claim or actions against the Morobe Province Agricultural Society and its members for loss and/or damage to their property and personal accident or injury to themselves or their employees from accident or injury sustained within the show grounds by any cause whatsoever and be adequately insured.


Each stand is allocated One (1) Vehicle Pass and limited free entry tickets. These will be available for collection from the Show Secretary’s office at the Show Ground from Monday October 15th until Friday October 26th. It is the stallholders responsibility to collect these passes, should you not collect the vehicle pass by 4pm Friday 26th vehicular access to the showground will be denied. Only those vehicles displaying the Official 2007 Vehicle Pass will be admitted to the grounds. All exhibitors with vehicle pass must enter the showground via the Exhibitors Entry gate (Cnr Air Corps & Morobe Ave).


Stall Holders are advised that as part of the Sponsorship arrangements that the Morobe Province Agricultural Society has entered into with some of its Sponsors the sale, display and promotion of soft drinks, cordials, fruit juices and bottled water as well as rice and rice products are restricted within the confines of the Morobe Province Agricultural Society Showground. Details of the restricted products are available from the Secretary. Any Stall Holder found to ignoring this restriction will have their stall closed.


As part of the show’s annual events, a panel of independent judges will visit all commercial exhibits on Saturday (10AM -2PM).

Stands are judged using the following criteria:

  1. Originality of designs and presentation of stall
  2. Visual Appeal & Cleanliness (overall appearance of stall)
  3. Effectiveness in attracting show goers attention
  4. Is the company and /or product being effectively promoted.

The overall winner of best exhibit will be have their name engraved on the perpetual trophy and will be presented with the trophy during the show program. Certificates will be awarded to all placegetters in each category.

Show Site Rentals – Terms & Conditions

The Rental Site is as designated by the Morobe Province Agricultural Society (MPAS).

ELECTRICITY: Electricity connections, installation and maintenance of electrical fittings and cables are the responsibility of the stallholder. MPAS covers the cost of electricity consumed.

SHOWGROUND ACCESS: Commercial Exhibitors will be issued with a Vehicle Sticker (one only), which is to be attached to the front windscreen (inside passenger side) of the vehicle, which will be supplying goods to your stall/site.

Traffic Flow – Commercial vehicles must enter through the Aircorps Road entry gate (Exhibitors gate) and leave through the Jawani St exit gate. One-way traffic around the arena must be observed.

PARKING: No vehicle is to remain parked at your stall – THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE. Any vehicle remaining at a stall will be towed away and impounded. If required, Stallholders may park in the member’s carpark (located inside the grounds adjacent to the members’ entry gate at Bumbu Road); trucks will be required to park outside of the grounds. Please ensure all staff is aware of the penalty for parking at stands – vehicles WILL be towed.

SECURITY: Security on stalls is the responsibility of the stallholder. MPAS provides perimeter security and limited internal security only. Police will control the show patrons as well as maintain law and order.

MPAS COMMITTEE: All directions from a MPAS Councilor or Committee Member must be followed without argument. Any stallholder aggrieved by a direction from a Councilor or Committee Member can object at the secretary’s office. All Committee members wear an identifying lapel ribbon.

ACCESS HOURS: The grounds are open to stallholders from 6am – 8am and 5pm – 7pm for the purpose of restocking the stalls. Access during the day is limited.
SHOW HOURS: The showground’s are open to the public from 8am – 7pm Saturday and 8am – 6pm Sunday.

TICKET SALES: The Show secretary’s office will be open for two weeks prior to the Show for the purchase of all entry tickets (single entry & gold pass). All persons entering the showground are required to present a ticket. Single entry tickets gain entry once only. A membership ticket allows multiple entries to the showground. Single entry tickets may be purchased by your staff for their families – this avoids having to queue to purchase tickets at the ticket booths. Gold Passes are also available.

Pre-purchase tickets are single use tickets only. All persons entering the showground must present a ticket on entry (this includes all passengers of vehicles). Single entry tickets will be collected by security on entry into the grounds at pedestrian and vehicle entry points.

GOLD PASS: Gold pass holders will enjoy:

  • Unlimited entry for the duration of the show. (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Parking in Members car park (located inside the showground, access via Bumbu Road entrance gate)
  • Access to the member’s enclosure & grandstand (entry gate adjacent to the show secretary’s office)

Conditions: The Morobe Province Agricultural Society accepts no responsibility for vehicles parked in the member’s enclosure. Lost or stolen Gold Pass’s passes will not be replaced. Please take care of your passes, when outside the member’s enclosure it is recommended that the passes not be displayed. To gain access to the member’s enclosure your Gold pass must be displayed. When in the member’s enclosure your Gold pass must be displayed at all times. Membership to the Morobe Province Agricultural Society is available for anyone wishing to join the society and who is willing to uphold the goals and objectives of the Society. Membership application forms are available from the Show Secretary’s Office.

Show Desk (Morobe Tourism Bureau office, IPI Building, 2nd St.)
Office Hours 9am – 1pm Monday – Friday
Any enquiries outside these hours are to be directed to Jovita Kenni at the Professionals office Ph 47 25144
Lae Showground Office – open two weeks prior to the Show
Office Hours: 9am – 1pm Monday – Friday
9am – 4pm Thursday & Friday before the Show over the Show weekend
9am – 11am Monday after the Show

Download the Commercial Exhibitors Rental Terms and Conditions